I just got an email from my editor at Torquere telling me the release date for Embracing the Dragon has been moved up from April 27 to April 13. Ack!

I love the internet, and its various writing communities in particular - I posted to a couple of lists about how my promo dates were all now at least 2 weeks after the book releases, and now I have four more promo dates scheduled. I'll have a full list in another post later this week.

I'm also planning to have a short story, previously published by Torquere, as a promotional item when I'm out and about talking to people about Embracing the Dragon. Leap of Faith, which is set in the same world as Embracing the Dragon, and shares some characters with it, was originally issued by Torquere as part of the 2009 Charity Sip blitz. The rights came back to me in September of last year, and I've been debating what to do next with it. Then I started thinking about promotional give-aways and it was clearly a match made in heaven.

I've hooked up with a cover artist, Sheri McGathy (http://www.sherilmcgathy.com) who is hard at work on a wonderful cover for it, and am now working on figuring out how to get the text into various e-book formats.


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