My annual renewal for my web hosting comes due in January, and I've made the decision to take the site down for a while. I'm continuing to pay for the domain name so I can put it back up, but I think when I do it will be in a very different format. The host company I chose was great, and had support for all the bells and whistles I thought I could ever want, but right now I don't have anything I want to sell directly, and nothing currently available via Amazon or a publisher.

I am seriously considering bringing at least of couple of the stories I did for Torquere out as self-published shorts, but that's a whole new area for me, so it's not going to happen overnight. Even when it does, I don't see myself selling directly. I'll probably start with just selling via Amazon, so all I really need for a web presence is a static site with links and pointers to things like this journal. That can host in any chunk of cloud storage that I can direct the domain name to. I'm looking at Google and Amazon for that.

Wishing all of you reading here a very happy and successful 2017.


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