I just had a very special experience. Yesterday I tried to delete a message from my inbox and suddenly *EVERYTHING* in it was gone. I filed a support request, and was told that perhaps I'd accidentally clicked on a select all box instead of the individual message. I'm reasonably sure I didn't but of course there's no way to tell. AND NO WAY TO GET ANYTHING BACK. Nada. So sorry. Perhaps you still have the copies sent to your email address.

I'm cautious, and believe in backups, so I do, but I thought I'd just pass on a warning about this to my friends here who may be less cautious. If you have messages you care about, forward them somewhere else and back them up. 

Oh, and if you sent me a message recently that may have been in the 9 unread messages that I never even got to see, I apologize for not replying.

I have to say I'm surprised and disappointed by this. A mail system where you can nuke everything with 2 mouse clicks in the and not get so much as a warning message saying "Hey, you're about to delete your entire mailbox? Are you sure you meant to do that?" Even Microsoft does a better job of user interface than that. Not to mention that all the big players (Microsoft, Yahoo, Gmail) have an undelete option.

Now I'm wondering if Live Journal handles this any better. Time to go check.
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