My latest short story has gotten some reviews.

Rainbow reviews tend to be more or less Cliff's notes versions of the story, without a lot of opinion behind it, so I'm pretty neutral about this one. It may catch the eye of readers who would like it but didn't take that away from my cover blurb. I do think tagging it post-apocalyptic is bit over the top, and hope it doesn't disappoint people who are looking for *real* post-apocalyptic stories, not a contemporary fantasy that's set in an economically depressed area.

This one has more of the reviewers opinion, and I'm pretty happy with it. She's noticed, as usual, that it could really be a longer story, but she wants the longer story, and to get to know the secondary characters better. I love it when a reviewer gets the story. Thanks very much, Maya. I have another project in the fire at the moment, but I do plan to come back to these guys for something longer.

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