I'm happy to say I've just received the contract for a new story, "A Hidden Battle" which will be part of Torquere's annual Charity Sip collection. The theme this year is Men in Uniform. My story involves a pair of American GI's in WW II who have been assigned temporarily to the Special Operations Executive, who are mounting magical defenses against Hitler's occult operations.

If you've read my current charity story, Heaven's Heretics, this is sort of a prequel. The guys in A Hidden Battle will eventually go home after the war, be unhappy trying to integrate back into civilian life, and join up with some other veterans with talents in a motorcycle club that will grow into Heaven's Heretics in due course.

The new story will be out in September. Sales will go to benefit Out-Serve SDLN (www.sldn.org/), a group which supports GLBT service men and women with legal problems.

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Nice to know I'll be in your company in the anthology! Congrats!

Also, I'm amused... I'd imagined that my WWII story would be a slight oddball in a sea of contemporary stories, and here you are with WWII paranormal!

Mine are telling me that when they come home, they wind up helping a lot of friends out with their troubles over the years, and that I ought to write a detective-type series about them.
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Not in the least - I'm usually all about the Age of Sail. I kept my research really constrained for this one, by my standards. I knew I wanted them to survive a bomber crash in the Pacific, so I started looking at bombers. I found an actual B-24 crash to base mine on, & read the pop history book on it up to the crash itself & the life raft bit, and stopped reading when they were captured by the Japanese because my guys got rescued. Then I did a little bit of web searching to understand the layout of the B-24 with the different crew stations and crash exits. And that, aside from a few side trips into Golden Age comics and how the hell did a Mae West life vest fasten and how waterproof were their watches, was it.

Luckily I won't have to become an expert on WWII for their later stuff either. I'll have the much richer field of midcentury Manhattan, plus gay/subcultural history therein, to play with. (But NOT the Beats. I don't LIKE them and nothing says I have to play with them.)
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If I spent all my time writing 3-8K shorts, I'd spend a lot less time in research.
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Sounds exciting! Can't wait to read it!


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